MaruTomi II

Collection of "Hanging Scrolls of Light" by Masanori Umeda and 15 graphic artists

"Hanging Scroll of Light", designed by Masanori Umeda, is a illuminator which consists of Echizen-Washi (i.e. Japanese traditional handmade paper) and a metallic frame. It is easy to set up or knock down and can be compact enough to store. On washi screens spread out unique worlds by 15 graphic artists now in f ull blast in Japan - Masuteru Aoba, Katsumi Asaba, Susumu Endo, Tetsuya Ohta, Shigeo Katsuoka, Ryohei Kojima, Koichi Sato, Kazuo Suzuki, Taku Tashiro, Fumio Tachibana, Keisuke Nagatomo, Katsuhiko Hibino, Tatsumi Hiyama, Shin Matsunaga and Hideo Mizuta.

The light seen through washi is soft and diffused and it enhances modest shade s in an elegant manner. In a harmony with a graphic art which emerges on the screen it brings about a fantastic atmosphere in the room. It is not too much to say that "Hanging Scroll of Light" is "the craft and design of light" floating in the new space of the 21st century.